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eHealth Small Business

eHealth Small Business

After discovering areas of opportunity with our Small Business Group, eHealth led several initiatives to help create tools to allow our agents to be more efficient and to move the business online.

First the process started with a deep dive research project that involved visiting small business owners in both Houston, Tx and San Francisco,CA to figure out how they thought about business insurance, how they researched it, if they had it it, and if they didn't why not.

Small Business User Research


Small business owners with 2-10 employees in the health, tech and professional services sectors who either have health insurance, has provided before, or who plans on enrolling in the future.



General information (industry, # of employees, general stresses), Insurance needs, how they bought their insurance, future needs, previous experiences shopping for plans, how do they use their insurance, what causes them to switch



Validate assumptions, figure out what tools to build


Presentation of findings, spreadsheet of findings stakeholders could use to parse through data easily, stakeholder persona workshop to create personas to use in product development.

Design Process


Gather requirements + goals of site enhancements, review with product manager, cross section with research 


Design Proposal + Stakeholder feedback

First round of designs created, then reviewed by key stakeholders for feedback. Reviewed by product, design, and engineering, and executed.


A/B Testing +Iteration

Proposed designed tested in A/B setting to determine user feedback and if success metrics met. If not, review designs and revise based off learning.

Site Enhancements

eHealth Small Business Homepage

Starting from the top of the funnel, the homepage was outdated and needed some improvements. Insights from user research had indicated the call to:

  • Redesign the SEO landing pages to have less text and a more compelling call to action  
  • Consider making the number of providers and plans more prominent
  • Consider providing prominent information on the home page about what services eHealth provides and the purpose of the website
  • Consider providing information about representatives such as their location (for example, U.S.-based)

Census Redesign

Redesign of old census page to improve UI, improve completion rate, and get more leads. This design was set up to create the ability to turn on/off the requirement for leads and simplify the amount of information the user needed to input to get a quote.

Requirements: Responsive, Must Generate a Lead

Stakeholders: Product Management, Sales


Small Business Resource Guide

Guide aimed at allowing online users to find out more about Small Business Insurance and how to shop for it

Requirements: Responsive, SEO driven content

Stakeholders: Marketing, Product Management, SEO