Small business hompage

Owned the redesign of the Small Business homepage. Created a responsive homepage experience based on user research conducted in a qualitative user research study which identified user needs. After getting data on Version A we used data to iterate on and help a brainstorming session to identify additional information users would interact with including added testimonials, pricing, and the ability to schedule an appointment (which improved conversion 12%). 

Processes include: research, wireframes, high fidelity mock ups


Small business buyers guide

In our research, our team figured out that many users needed to learn more about Small Business insurance and how it worked. Partnering with the marketing and SEO teams we created a responsive buyers guide that educated users on how to shop and defined industry jargon.

Macy's Labs was an innovation hub that ran lean development in an effort to get more products, and better products out to our users faster than traditional processes we had been following.


Group gifting

Group gifting was a product developed in Macy's Labs to crowd-fund big-ticket items. I worked alongside a cross-functional team as an Interactive Designer and helped own the design from concept to creation.

Processes include competitive research, sketches & wireframes, working with a user researcher to conduct user testing, click through prototypes using Invision, and final high-resolution mock-ups.


Tablet Optimization

Tablet optimization was an optimization lean lab created to improve the quickly growing Macy' tablet experience. Through A/B testing we created several experiments to improve the navigation, search function, and shopping bag on the site. 

Processes include wireframes, hi-resolution prototypes, rapid iteration of experiences with releases every 2 weeks.



Partnering with an outside vendor, we used implemented on demand tailoring to the Macy's online experience.

Processes include: interface design, hi-resolution mockups, click through prototypes.



Through game mechanics, the Gamification lean lab led several experiments to encourage users to write reviews, engage the site more often, and get exposed to more product through innovative interfaces.

Planet Labs provides universal access to information about the changing planet. They will operate the world’s largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites to frequently image the entire planet and provide open access to that information.
Planet Labs

Planet Labs engaged us to develop an iPhone app that demonstrates the unique capabilities of the Planet Labs API to developers. The goal was to create an app that consumers would use on a daily basis.

Planet News is a native iPhone app that aggregates proprietary satellite imagery and social media to surface news from anywhere on the globe.

Created as a project for Planet Labs along with Sarah Seegal